REACH OUT’ was formed in the year 2018 as a Public Charitable Trust.
It has been providing educational scholarships to students and also providing financial aid to the needy.
The Trust is lead by the following trustees

  • Mr N V Mahadevan
  • Mr P.Sivarajan
  • Mrs Happy Mol KG
  • Mrs Beena K
  • Mrs Dhanya K
  • Ms Manty Anto
  • Mrs Srikala Renjith
  • Mr Hari K N
  • Mr Hari Gopinath
  • Mr N V Mahadevan
  • Trust Registration No- 16/IV/2018
  • 12A Registration No - AADTR3615BE20214
  • 80G Registration No - AADTR3615BF20214

Our Vision

1.Educational Scholarship

"Vidya Dhanam Sarvadhanath Pradhanam"

  • Of all Wealth, Education is the most important
  • Knowledge gives you Humility
  • Humility gives you Character
  • From Character, Wealth is earned;
  • From Wealth, you get righteousness; and In Righteousness
    you feel Well-being;
  • Our vision is to ‘Reach Out’ to all students and help them in obtaining good education.

2.Relief to Poor

"Manava Seva; Madhava Seva"

  • Serving Mankind is equalent to Serving God.
  • Our vision is to ‘Reach Out’ to all who needs financial aid for their survival.